Leadership and Safety Workshops & Courses

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Motivate your employees with fun and engaging Leadership and Safety Workshops & Courses which capitalize on their collective knowledge, skill and intelligence, creatively disseminating it all into practical wisdom that effectively confronts and solves challenges that we all face every day in the workplace!


Leadership Speaker & Workshop Facilitator

A l l a n   J.   M o o r e

Allan James Moore holds a Masters Degree in Leadership, is a Canadian registered safety professional, a published author and has more than 13 years experience as a speaker, trainer and manager of OHS programs.

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Leadership For Safety


Allan’s comprehensive and engaging workshops outline the responsibilities of a safety leader and teaches how contemporary leadership principles are applied to safety practices in the workplace.

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Allan’s comprehensive On-line Safety Course is designed to offer a foundational understanding of the contemporary leadership principles required to begin the journey towards becoming an exceptional Safety Leader in the workplace.

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What clients are saying…

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    "A studied, well read and equally well spoken safety professional at the height of a stellar career in the worlds most demanding safety environment, transports a room of managers, executives and staff to a far away land and tells a personal story of danger and fear and near disaster. Allan’s story telling abilities are captivating. His voice, presence and delivery are unique and witty.  The presentation entertained and generated deep discussions around Leadership, safety and communication.

    Paul Chamoun
    Senior Health and Safety Lead
    Clifton Associates
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    “Allan Moore has a gift. It's that simple. He is eloquent, witty and sincere. It is a pleasure to listen to him as he weaves vivid imagery, humor and personal stories into his message which keep the audience glued to their seats with smiles on their faces.  Allan possesses a confident presence that sets him apart on the speaking stage.”

    Lisa Branch, ACG ALB
    Area D23 Director
    Fluor Communicators
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    "Some people speak and you listen. Some people speak and you are truly engaged. Allan Moore has the ability to keep you engaged. You’ll find yourself smiling, and thoroughly enjoying the experience. Whether it’s a personal conversation or a speech, Al’s passion for speaking will leave you wanting more!"

    Cam Mitchell, CRSP
    President at Kasa Consulting
    Calgary, AB, Canada

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