Leadership Workshops

Lead yourself, your team and everyone else around you! 

Launch your journey towards becoming an exceptional Safety Leader in the workplace.

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Allan utilizes storytelling to capture the audience’s attention and set the context for engaging workshops drawing upon the collective intelligence of his listeners. His workshops are based on the assumption that people already have within them the wisdom and creativity to confront and solve the difficult challenges they face every day in the workplace.

“I aim to engage audience members through humorous stories from my colourful background living and working on 4 continents. I then utilize specialized workshop techniques intended to promote maximum audience engagement, enjoyment and fulfillment. Warning: Fun and laughter are guaranteed at my workshops.”    ~ Allan

World Café and Socratic Circle Methods

The purpose of this workshop is to get the people affected by safety incidents to share their knowledge and opinions on what should be done to keep them and their co-workers safe at work; and to do so in a fun, engaging and impactful way!

This workshop is set on the assumption that people already have within them the wisdom and creativity to confront even the most difficult challenges; that the answers they need are available to them; and that we are Wiser Together than we are alone. The ultimate purpose of this workshop is to share knowledge and tap into our collective intelligence.

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Allan’s workshops will teach you how to…


Contribute the safety leadership knowledge needed to help their organization achieve a higher level of safety excellence.


Understand the responsibilities of a safety leader.


Explain how contemporary leadership principles can be applied to safety in the workplace.

Mentor Others

Recognize the importance of role safety mentorship plays in creating and developing other safety leaders in the workplace to improve overall safety culture.

Find Solutions

Discuss thoughtful, innovative and effective solutions to safety issues in the workplace (e.g., safety incidents, non-conformance, disputes etc).

Develop Tools

List the specific safety tools every safety leader should strive to possess and continually improve upon.

What People Are Saying About Allan’s Workshops

“I had a chance to participate in a world café session with Allan Moore in recent times. The client was seeking answers to numerous high level HSE questions. The session created a collaborative environment that encouraged participation from all involved. I was impressed with Al’s ability to facilitate, and keep the groups on topic, and ultimately the client identified some excellent solutions to the questions through the process. I would encourage anyone who is seeking a better solution to their corporate questions, work with Al through the world café process.”

~ Cam Mitchell, CRSP
President at Kasa Consulting
Calgary, AB, Canada



“The world Café is a fresh and welcome improvement on the traditional strategy meeting. Allan Moore, our expert and most entertaining facilitator, organized us into small discussion groups. This stimulated debate and gave a chance for every perspective to be heard and considered. As the name implies, the atmosphere was casual which lead to relaxed, thoughtful discussion. This is a great way to interact at a business level and build personnel connections amongst employees. Allan follows up afterwards with a detailed analysis derived from the cross pollination of everyone’s ideas and presents a direction for business improvement and growth. This was a great team building and strategy meeting wrapped into one.”

~ Paul Chamoun
Senior Health and Safety Lead
Clifton Associates


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